On the Outside


You just stand around. Feeling irritated yet indifferent. You put on a fake mask, smiling and laughing. You look for that one face that you can recognize. You feel as if you are the stranger, invading, loitering. You don’t feel as if you are in the right place. Everything then becomes a blur. The voices intensify, the surroundings close in. Your eyes darts around trying to make sense of it all yet the more you try the more confusing it gets! Its as if you are on the outside looking in.

You want to run, you want to feel the wind running through your hair. You want to jump out of your skin and feel as if you belong. As if you make a difference. As if you existed. You want to scream. You want to yell at the top of your lungs. You want to feel the rain on your face. You want to feel as if your presence is felt. As if you are alive. Its as if you are on the outside looking in

Then everything stops. You feel liberated. You feel as you have lost. Was it worth the pain? Was it worth the time? You try to find the answers but don’t. You stand there, feeling you have gone back to the start. You sigh and then shrug. But in the end there is nothing else but your and your soul,  standing on the outside…looking in.

Last week something extraordinary happened in the United States of America, more specifically in the Congress of a country that honors and celebrates freedom of people under bondage. So what happened in Congress last week was so significant that it made me really wonder about issues which I didn’t have much interest before.

If anyone doesn’t know what I am alluding to, then let me the ‘enlightening’ beacon for the ignorant. A Republican by the name of Dana Rohrabacher , who is called a Lone Ranger by our ‘lovely’ and ‘stylish’ ambassador (who once was famous as being ‘that woman’ Mr. Gilani took a note of!) Ms. Shirey Rehman, moved a bill in the House of Representative of the utmost importance. The bill said something on the lines of giving the Balochis the right of self-determination and the right to their own sovereign country. The bill also called the end of suppression by the ‘Punjabi and Pashtun elites’ and of the army. Basically the bill wants Baluchistan to become an independent state.

Mr. Dana Rohrabacher in his elements while presenting a bill of self-determination of the Baluchis!!

I would like to heartily congratulate the ‘honourable’ Congressman for penning such an important bill and asking for the freedom of the Balochis. So as a return of ‘gratitude’ from yours truly I too would like to present a bill in the Parliament of Pakistan, whose members have been a bang job in Pakistan in the last 4 years. Hell I will even say that this Parliament will eventually have a very unique place in Pakistan’s history. Oh I digress. Let me get back to the nature of my ‘thankfulness’ to Mr. Rohrabacher:

I present a bill to the Parliament of Pakistan to put forward a motion to the government of the US, to be effective immediately, which calls for the freedom of the people of the State of California. Far too long have the people of California bore the brunt of the US opression and the slavery they have felt. It is very telling that the term ‘Surfer Dudes’ have being used as a racial slur!!. The people of the California have always been treated with snickering laughs, nods and eyes rolling attitude in the US, for their life styles, for the way they talk, for the way they like to party, for the way they use surf boards like no one else. There comes a time when someone has to call for freedom of such an outstanding race and the ‘rich’ ancestry!. Yes such a move will end up hampering Hollywood industry but its a necessary steps. It saddens my heart that the people of California have been subjected to such……*sob* discrimination!. Enough is enough. I want the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani to approve this bill in the Parliament and make sure the bill reached the Congress of the US and to Mr. Dana Rohrabacher!

a 'Surfer Dude' in his cultural attire...oh the inhumanity of it all!!!

So in conclusion I will like to say this to the Congress and Dana Rohrabacher: Your scratch our backs and we scratch yours. Your share my tub, and I shares yours. You drink from my Martini glass, I drink from your beer mug. You get the picture!!. So yea…Jiyeeeeee California Surfer Dudes!!


And so Shoaib Akhter has called it a day. The bowler was a spectacle to behold and when he was on song he was totally unplayable. I actually remember his debut match against the West Indies as incidentally that was the time I started getting interested in cricket and even through the poor coverage of PTV back in 1997 I felt that this guy would be something special. And as he showed through the years that his ability to change matches in the space of a spell of bowling was unparalleled. Yes he missed quite a few of them and his spate of injuries would be quite frustrating but boy when he did play for his country, it seemed that nothing else matter in this world expect for the destruction of wickets from his thunderbolts.


Rawalpindi Express in full steam....


But to be honest as a fan of Pakistan cricket and everything Pakistani I did hate Shoaib Akhter quite bit for a period of time. No slight on his private life, but I wanted desperately him to play more for Pakistan and constantly conjure up magic. As it would usually turn out his stack of controversies and his affiliation with the Indian showbiz would tie me up in knots. I wanted to see him on the cricket field terrorizes batsman, not to hear him sing an Indian movie love ballad on cheap ass Indian TV show. Before his latest comeback early this year I had given up on him on ever representing Pakistan again, hell I would sometime bad mouth him to brother (the ever loyal Shoaib fan), but to my great surprise his comeback was nothing short of amazing. 2010 he showed the World that even though his body was not willing, his sheer determination and *gasp* commitment made him the attack spearhead again even after all these years.


The Aeroplane....


In conclusion I would just like to say that players like Shoaib Akhter don’t come around too often and although his injuries and controversies got the best him, but I still vividly remember some of his match changing spells and the often bemoaned yet inspiring aero plane celebration. And I wish him good luck for his future endeavours, which we all know will be acting (hopefully in awesome Pakistani dramas and not stupid Indian movies). Thank you for the all cherished memories Rawalpindi Express…….You will be missed…..

*In my next update I will post some of his awesome spells which made me his fan….

A spot of the shite!

After a hiatus of 2 months to be exact, I thought about updating my blog. Yes a lot of things have happened since I last updated my blog, the obvious being the devastating floods our country has seen, in like, forever. The country has been inundated by the raging floods, and has destroyed everything regardless. But for some reason I haven’t been able to write anything about the floods in this space. Maybe my senses have been numbed and hence writing anything seems pointless. But forgive me if this makes me an insensitive prick, but watching the destruction of Pakistan Cricket has sparked into writing about the pain.

I am sure many of you have read and watched the new scandal which has hit the cricket team. The spot fixing scandal on paper might look harmless but the implication and its connection with the spectre of match fixing has put a massive cloud over the performance of team. Throughout Pakistan’s tour to the Old Country our cricketers have made us rejoice in glee and send us the bowels of depression (sometime all in the space of a few balls) . Watching Pakistan’s bowlers weave their almost magic like ability in destroying the opposition batting line up has been stuff of legends. Hell watching Pakistan’s batting capitulation has been pretty epic too. But the whole spot fixing scandal which has included 7  players while the main actors of this whole issue were Mohammed Aamir and Asif as they bowled three no-balls as a part of the whole spot fixing deal, it feels someone has ripped out my heart and has left me gasping for dear life.

the most erroneous no-ball!!!

As a cricket fan, I am totally shattered at the turn of events and its repercussions which will felt in the coming years. How could these players do something like this at a time when the whole country is suffering from a bleak period. Hell what were they thinking?. Watching and reading the whole coverage reeks of clandestine back door dealings and shaddy characters and villanous players.

Whatever the investigation finds, the fact remain that my trust in some of the brightest players has been destroyed. Sure the whole team isn’t involved but even 7-8 players makes it a huge number. And if the investigation does turn bad for Pakistan, many amazing players will have their career put to a halt. Forever

Hence the names of three players has made this whole affair quite difficult to digest. Mohammed Aamir, Mohammed Asif and Umer Akmal have effectively destroyed their careers. Aamir was really good, I mean insanely good. The ability to make the ball talk was exceptional and the fact that many of his wickets included some of the best players in the modern game makes this scandal a bitter pill. Umer Akmal looked like he had all the strapping to become the next best batsmen in world. His shot making and his audacity made him quite the star. And then pull a stunt like this?!?

Mohammed Aamir, hero turned villain, what a waste!!

So if Pakistani players are found guilty of embarrassing the country, then each of the tainted players must be banned for life. For a purge to occur at this important juncture is of the utmost priority, so that no one else ever does something like this again. It surely is a sad day for cricket and a sad day for Pakistani cricket lovers everywhere….What a Goddamn waste!!!!

Yeah I am a Pakistani, but sometime I do wish I were Japanese, and so during sporting events supporting Pakistan is a given (cricket). But in events where Japan is also involved, I support them too. In the on going FIFA World Cup 2010, Japan as exhibited some entertaining football, and after a spirited performance in the group stages where the beat teams like Cameroon and Denmark they were through to the knock stage.

But man Japan lost out on penalties..against the weak South American team Paraguay!!. The third penalty shot was missed by a Japanese players. So it was down right disappointing that they crashed out of the World Cup on penalties. The entire match they were creating chance to score, but that damn goal just eluded. Oh well guess Brazil is the team that will most probably win the World Cup now !

A little heads up: I have made a gaming centric blog and will be posting all my gaming opinions there. I will be ranting about stuff on this blog anyways so no worries for people who have been following this blog. But if you wanna know about my opinions on gaming news, views, articles, pseudo-game reviews and the likes then please come on to Frame-rates and Pixels. Heres the link:


Comments, feedback and discussion will he appreciated as always. Thank You

E! for Entertainment!

For the last couple of years a particular trend has been annoying me. I am sure many of the Pakistani readers will feel the same; heres a hint: Its got to do something with our news and entertainment channels. I will first start with our ‘sacred’ news channels which for the last 10 years has become quite the tour de force in informing the nation’s of the chaos around them. But there is something which all channels have made of habit of doing which makes me go around the bend.

See it goes like so: It’s the 9 o’clock prime time news on all the big wig channels (GEO, NewsOne, ExpressNews etc), the headlines are blaring across the TV screens, all the major news channels are in a state of upheaval at the latest happening in the country. The budget is under the microscope, there’s the cyclone in the lower part of the country while floods in the north. The bane of load-shedding making the country careen to oblivion while the politicians and the head of state and their tales of corruption are the top news…and yet the last piece of the headlines talks about how Deepika Padukone was the talk of the Cannes Film Festival due to her sari!!!. Yes some of you must be wondering who the hell is Deepika Padukone?. *sigh* Do you see where this is going. I mean the country is in a shit storm, Allah’s is not happy with us, and the country is getting robbed in broad daylight, by our leaders no less, but we still need to know the latest Bollywood news?!?!

It is VERY important that the people of Pakistan know how awesome Om Shanti Om is!!!

Look I don’t mind a little escapism in form of movies and music but Bollywood news/gossip in amongst the top stories of the day?!?!?!. Since when did the Indian film industry happenings become so important?!?!. As I said don’t get me wrong, but if you ask me I rather have the lesser of two evils: Give us the happening of the Pakistan entertainment industry. Report the start of a good drama serial or a concert somewhere, in Pakistan. Or talk about the revival of the Pakistani Film industry or whatever. But why do the people of Pakistan need to know that Salman Khan shaved his arm pits today?!?!

What really gets to me is the country is burning on all fronts and we still have time to support the Indian entertainment industry!?!?!. Hence that is why I deem almost all our news channels as cheap and without depth. Yes call me a fool or a patriot, whatever tickles your fancy, but this is how I feel. Just to clear out something though: I don’t want to come off as an Indian movie basher as I do like watching an Indian movie or two, but getting a little coverage on our new channels is totally stupid!!!.

GEO News, the end all be all news channel for Indian movie news!!

Now let me come on to our entertainment channels. First and foremost Pakistani stuff is what I am interested in. Be it the awesome TV dramas, the talented music industry and all the shows which puts a lime light on the Pakistani society: good or bad. But imagine my disgust when in amongst all the aforementioned awesome-ness there is the ‘desi/ Indian’ influence (and don’t get me started on the word ‘desi’).

For some odd and totally ‘ASS’ reason many of entertainment channels show Indian movies?!?!. I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!. Why are there Indian movies on my country’s channels?!?!?!. The most common reply I get “This is what the people want to see”, that statement is wrong on so many levels and heres why. When there are so many amazing Pakistani stuff on for show, then why the hell the need for Indian movies??!?!. The stories, the acting, the direction, the pinpointing of some of the problems of our society, it’s all there. The question which rises is, do Indian channels show anything Pakistani. Does DoorDarshan or Star Plus show Pakistani dramas or movies. I HIGHLY doubt it.

"Don't leave me behind"!!

Anyways before I sign off here another example of the wrong influence being whole-hearted accepted by the Pakistani media and in extension the people is the influx (well not an influx but you get the point) of dancing competitions. I still don’t understand this concept. Forget religion for a second but dancing is so far removed from the Pakistani culture it’s not even funny. This show which comes on ARY Digital called “Nach Ley’/Let Dance and is totally stupid complete elaborate dance sequences and outlandish moves. Look dancing in India or the West is either a part of their religion or culture, but it is just not part of our culture. I am sorry if people don’t understand this, but just think about it.

I am sure this post must have come off as a little callous and has hint of India bashing, trust me that was not my goal. It just gets me all hot and bothered like this when we don’t respect Pakistani stars (movies or musics) and we get all crazy about Indian stars. Why the hypocrisy?!?

Pakistan needs your support!


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